Create a Financial Calendar for Yourself

Creating a financial calendar for yourself is one of the best ways to keep, to your budget and plan effectively for your financial future. A financial calendar is a weekly, monthly or yearly map of payments due, income anticipated and events to remember.

It doesn’t matter if you use complicated financial software or old-fashioned pen and paper, keeping a financial calendar can be the backbone for a budgeting plan that helps you effectively manage money.

The important dates will probably expand as you track your income and expenses. The dates will vary according to where you live, especially for items like taxes or body corporate levies.

This is a very simple example and a basic start for creating a financial calendar.

Print out a calendar and stick it on the wall in your home. You can write down items such as:

  • Supermarket purchases such as food, clothes and necessities.
  • Purchases such as furniture, computers etc. if needed during the month.
  • Write down on what date these purchases will be made.
  • Know the due date of payments such as rent, rates and taxes, bond payments, telephone account, car repayments etc.
  • Make payments on or before the due date.
This example is a start it will obviously become more complex as the months go by and as you personalize your calendar to suit your specific needs.