May 25, 2017


Personal Finance – Helping you Achieve Personal Financial Success is a book designed to educate people who are not aware of the important financial concepts around today. The book is designed to help people understand these important concepts in an easy and understandable way.

People all have a huge amount of potential; they just need to be guided in the right direction at the right time, so that they can reach their personal financial goals.

The book has lots of relevant information about financial concepts such as goal setting, continuous education, creating a financial foundation, the definition of money, opening the right bank account, building a good credit record, creating a budget, tips on saving money, using computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel to manage your money, understanding insurance, personal risk management, being part of the working world, spending wisely, creating a company, retirement planning, basic financial calculations, understanding what the difference between an asset and liability is, inflation, protecting your wealth, investing and property investing.

It covers almost everything you need to think about in order to start to create a solid financial foundation for yourself and your family.

The cost is R250