May 5, 2017

About Us

About – Your Financial

We aim to educate people using books, guides and presentations. That will significantly increase their standard of living and better their lives, for themselves and their families.

A simple action taken today repeated over time will produce amazing results in someone’s life. These changes don’t have to be hard and complicated, but they must be done.

Our completed books are listed under the products page.

Your Financial Analysis was founded by Jarrod Levenstein:

Jarrod has a degree in Financial Management (B.Comm) from UNISA, South Africa. He has worked in varied roles during his career ranging from financial management  in various sectors such as education and mining to teaching and working with businesses in the BEE industry. He gained extensive knowledge and experience from these different roles and sectors gaining a wide perspective on how different different industries function. His key skills include financial management, people skills, organization and planning skills, managerial ability, team building and event planning

Jarrod is very active in community events. He is very active in the local toastmasters club and regularly organizes social and community events giving him extensive experience in organizing and facilitating events and dealing with large groups of people from different working backgrounds.

This past year, Jarrod has been delivering educational presentations on topics ranging from motivational and inspirational talks to business, financial management and customer service. The talks have been very well received and are now run on a by monthly basis at our Randburg offices.

Jarrod is passionate about helping people achieve the best that they can and likes working in a environment that creates positive change with people who want to make a big difference in the world.  He quietly motivates people, bringing out the best in them while inspiring them to active greatness that works for them.